Are you ready to completely transform your mindset?

Why I created this challenge:

I created this challenge because I've spoken to countless women who are on anxiety meds, taking supplements, yoga classes, meditating and are still struggling with anxiety everyday.  

Making over your mindset can be the missing piece to overcoming anxiety. When I first started to experience anxiety, I did what most people do. I Googled my symptoms, tried meditation, supplements and tried to beat anxiety using natural methods.  

When that didn't work, I made an appointment with a naturopath. She gave me B12 injections, ordered food allergy tests, a panel of blood work and several very expensive supplements. After a few months of seeing a naturopath (and nearly $2,000 later), she referred me to a therapist because she said there was nothing else she could do for me.

I went to the therapist several times but did not feel that talking about my childhood was helping me to overcome anxiety. I was looking for tools to calm myself down when a panic attack came on and was not given any helpful advice. The therapist then referred me to an MD and told me to request a Xanax prescription. UGH!  

I was so frustrated and hopeless that I went and got the Xanax prescription. I ended up only taking one of the pills because I knew there must be a better option than taking a pill.  

For years, I heard about Tony Robbins and how much he helped people dig themselves out of ruts. I always made fun of the people who followed him but I decided to watch a few of his videos on YouTube and I was HOOKED.  

I felt so much better just watching a few of his videos. I then walked to the Barnes and Noble in downtown Seattle and purchased his book "Awaken the Giant Within." I read this book every morning at 5am before going to my job as a paralegal. Within days, my anxiety levels decreased and my depression started to lift.  

I cannot stress enough the importance of inner work and personal development. This is why I created this 5 day Mindset Makeover Challenge. It is not a bandaid like taking pills or supplements. The topics I talk about in this challenge are life changing and address the root of the problem.  

I promise you that if you focus on the inner work, you will overcome anxiety and will be happier everyday. It is so worth it.

This Free 5 Day Challenge is for you, if:

*you've tried everything (changing your diet, talk therapy, essential oils, meditation, medication) and are still dealing with anxiety  

*your mind is in overdrive, constantly thinking of worse case scenarios that will likely never happen  

*you need tools and techniques (other than meditation and deep breathing exercises) to calm yourself down before things escalate into a panic attack  

*you want to feel like your old self again, be a better partner and mom  

*you want to be able to do normal things again (drive, grocery shopping, church, see a movie) without fear and anxiety

What You'll Learn During this Challenge:

*how to stop the endless loop of negative thoughts and creating worse case scenarios in your mind.  

*how to be a gatekeeper to your mind, be more mindful of what you are focusing on. Your brain is like a sponge and will soak up what you focus on.  

*how reframing the way you view anxiety can lead to growth and you coming out the other end stronger than before. This one was HUGE for me.  

*how to release the past and future and find joy in the present moment.  

*how to change your inner dialog with yourself and build up your self worth and confidence.  

*tools and techniques you can use to prevent the fight or flight response from occuring automatically.  

*tools and techniques you can use when you feel a panic attack coming on or during a panic attack. When I was in the middle of a panic attack, focusing on my breathing only made things worse. I'll show you a few other things you can do to return to a calmer state.

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